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Answers to your Questions about Pests and Pest Control

As part of our commitment to customer service excellence in Edmonton, the professionals at Capital City Exterminators are dedicated to answering all your questions about pest control and our services. Towards that end we have put together a list of answers to FAQs that we typically encounter. We invite you to take a moment or two to browse this page for quick answers to all your pest control questions. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Answers to Your Questions



Q - Which locations do you service?

A - We regularly service locations in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Edson, Hinton and Jasper. We will travel to your home, anywhere within Alberta. Travel costs do apply so please call or email our office for a quote.

Q - How quickly can you come and treat my home?

A - As we are a relatively small business, we can usually respond to call-outs on the same day or within 24 hours. Please call or email our office for up-to-date availability.

Q - Do you provide free pest identification?

A - If you can provide us with a photograph through text or email, we can provide you with an ID on your pest, free of charge. Any call-out’s to houses will be charged so please attempt to photograph any pests when you find them.

Q - What is the price of your service?

A - Prices are dependent on the pest, location and severity of infestation. Please call or email our office for an instant quotation.

Q - Do you provide free quotes?

A - Please email or call our office with information about the pest you need exterminating and your location and we can give you an exact quote on our services.



Q - What are the common signs of bedbugs?

A - Faecal droppings on the mattress and boxspring, blood spots on your bedsheets, bites on your skin and visual sightings of live bugs.

Q - How long can a bedbug live without feeding?

A - Bedbugs have been known to live up to year without a blood meal.

Q - What do bedbugs feed on?

A - Human blood.

Q - How do I know if I have a bedbug bite?

A - Individual responses vary; many people are not even aware they have been bitten; some can be more sensitive to the bite. It can be difficult to distinguish between the bite of a bedbug, mosquito or flea. If you suspect you have been bitten by a bedbug, inspect your mattress and box spring for common signs. Or you can call us, and we can carry out an inspection.

Q - Will I need to leave the treated area when you are working?

A - For a chemical spray you will need to leave the treated area before we begin, and for 4 hours after we finish treating. We recommend pets and small children do not return for 24 hours. With heat treatment you can return as soon as we are finished.

Q - Do you provide any guarantee on your bedbug services?

A - We do not provide any guarantee on chemical services as there are too many factors which can affect the outcome. However we provide a 30-day guarantee, with our heat treatments. We guarantee we will kill all bedbugs at every life stage with a heat treatment.


Wasps & Bees

Q - How can I tell the difference between wasps and bees?

A - There are some visual differences between wasps and bees. Wasps have a more slender body, with a narrow waist and slender, cylindrical legs. They appear smooth-skinned and shiny. Bees on the other hand are robust-bodies and hairy looking compared to wasps.

Q - Should I try and block the entrance to the wasp nest?

A - DO NOT try and block the entrance. This will make the wasps aggressive, it will also cause them to find any other way out possible, including eating through the walls to get into your home. It will cause more damage and will be harder for us to treat, with no hole in which to spray our insecticide.

Q - Do you provide guarantee with your wasp treatment?

A - We guarantee we will kill all wasps in a treated nest. If you find a new nest in your garden however, we will have to charge again to come and treat the second nest. Please make us aware of all locations you have spotted the wasps on our first visit, or when making the booking, this way we can deal with all of the nests right away.



Q - Do I need to leave the affected area whilst you are treating?

A - No, you can remain in the area being treated whilst our technicians are there, and the house / apartment will not need to be vacated for any amount of time.

Q - Will I need more than one treatment?

A - Yes, number of applications, and rate of applications will depend on level of infestation and preparation by the tenants / home owners. We recommend that you will need a minimum of 2 - 3 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart.

Q - Do you provide a guarantee with your cockroach treatment?

A - No, we cannot provide a guarantee with cockroach treatment due to the many factors which can affect the outcome of our treatment.



Q - Do you provide a guarantee with your ant treatment?

A - We provide a guarantee with ant treatment except for when it applies to carpenter ants. These ants are much more difficult to eradicate if the problem has existed for quite some time before we are called in.


Commercial Accounts

Q - Do you provide monthly ongoing services to businesses?

A - We do service many businesses in Edmonton, Jasper and Northern Alberta on regular contracts.

Q - Do you provide a monthly report?

A - We do provide a monthly report, a record is given to you after each service. We also keep a record and can email or fax you copies at any time.

Q - Are you taking on new customers?

A - We are taking on new clients. Please call or email our office with details of your business and we will be happy to provide a quote tailored to your needs.

Q - What kind of businesses do you have experience in providing pest control for?

A - We provide pest control to over 70 establishments in and around Edmonton including bars and restaurants, government facilities, warehouse and storage areas, schools and daycares.

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